Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why My Bills Tryin'a Cramp My Style???

Okay so I have built up lots of bills over the years. Oh being young and dumb. Plus rent, car payment, car insurance, electricity, water, cable, internet, ohhhmyygahhhitneverendssss.

In all honesty I struggle just to be able to afford a healthy grocery list sometimes. There are moments I contemplate living off ramen and saying screw it!

I get so jealous of so many healthy living bloggers because it seems like they can afford of all this stuff that I feel would make my journey so much easier and more fun!

I can't afford Lulu Lemon. Hell, I can't afford Target or Wal-Mart! I have a few pieces of each type of work out gear and I have to wash it alot because I'm weird about wearing things twice. Thus, its pretty worn out now. But I can't afford anything new. This sucks.

I can't afford fancy food processors, juicers, knives, pots, pans, so forth. I have a small crock pot and a blender and some old pots and pans. I'm grateful to have at least these things, but sometimes I get really sad I can't make some of the recipes I see because of not having the right equipment! This sucks.

I can't afford all the "extra" healthy products. Coconut oil, amino acids, this seed, that seed, protein powders, preworkout fuel, postworkout fuel, etc. I want to make my food healthier! I want to add extra awesome flavors! This sucks.

I can't afford new running shoes. I've had my running shoes for like two years. That's bad. I desperately need a new pair, but I just can't get them. This freakin SUCKS.

I'm so glad that everyone else can have these things, I want people to be healthy and enjoy every aspect of it! I just really wish I could too! And I despise the fact that I'm coming off as a whiner right now! That's not me at all! I guess I just wanted to vent my frustrations a little bit.

I know things will get better and some of my bills will be gone eventually, but its just a little annoying until then! I can afford more than others, so I really shouldn't complain. I'm grateful for the things I have, but sometimes..


Okay I'm done with my whine sesh! Off to go run in my old clothes and shoes and not have a fancy protein shake afterwards. Okay really done now!

Hopefully a few of you can relate!

Mandy - the Running Herbivore

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  1. Being a vegan and a runner is a lot of things, but cheap isn't one of them! Just imagine how easy it will be for you when you can afford the fancy things!

  2. Girrrrl i. feel. your. pain. i just learned that my company is closing in a month and a half, and since i cant afford to pay rent by blogging, i need to get a new job or live on ramen. can i join the whining party?