Monday, July 1, 2013

These are My Confessions (Sung Like Usher)

Oh my goodness, time flies when you're having fun! The whole weekend went by WAY too quickly!

I have some things to confess. First of all, it was my lady time of the month and Saturday was the worst of it, so I missed my long run Saturday morning and decided to move it to Sunday since I had a work out planned later in the morning anyway.

I tried a Barre class with my best friend, Jennifer! She raves about it and of course I heard lots of good things all over the blogosphere, so I wasn't going to miss that, lady pains be damned! It was so fun and my muscles were aching from top to bottom after that class! It was a great burn!

 Barre Inspired Bun!

Before Class with my bestie!

After freshening up, we headed over to a restaurant called Fern in Charlotte. It offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options! I'm not lying when I said we both had some of the most delicious meals ever!

 The adorable outside were we ate! The awning was really pretty, but its hard to see!

 Jennifer's meal.. Tofu Scramble with fresh fruit on the side. I took the leftovers home. Very good, but we decided it could have used more veggies! (they had soy, almond, and coconut creamer options for our coffee! YES!)

Now this meal! Wow, just WOW! Marinated tofu on sauteed spinach over quinoa and chickpea patty with Vegan Hollandaise over top of it all. I can't rave enough about this. The fruit was incredible too. I will definitely be going back there to try everything on the menu!

I have to just stop and say a few things about my best friend Jennifer. She inspires me on a daily basis. She started on her journey to get healthy a little after me, but when she started she literally took off running. She's a Marathoner and Vegan now and she is who I look to for inspiration when I feel like just giving up sometimes. Plus she has a ridiculously hot body that would make any girl in the gym work harder to attain themselves!! I am so beyond blessed to have her in my life!!!

Older Picture, I love my bestie!

So yes, it was a wonderful start to my weekend! After I left Charlotte I headed to my friend Ginger's son's birthday party. It was a pool party and I got to hang out with some fun girls, enjoy the sun, and have some yummy watermelon!

More confessions, I later headed to hang out with a guy I used to date. Needless to say, I shouldn't have done that. Exes are exes for a reason right?!? Well I had a few beers more than I wanted to, ate a little bit more than I wanted to, and stayed up a little later than I wanted to. I was lazy the next day because of all it (and being insanely sore from barre class) and missed my long run again! BAHHHH! But we don't give up when we fall down right?!?!

I ate perfectly all day Sunday and swore that Monday night I would get my two miles in! I made dinner at my parents house Sunday night. Stole all their leftover fresh veggies, some rice and threw it in a pan. Put some light soy sauce on it. Then added a little avocado on top after I took it off the stove. That was so good!

Today was a fresh start and I felt good waking up this morning! I ate a good breakfast, a typical one, even though my coworkers tempted me with McDonalds. Okay it really doesn't tempt me, I easily said no. I headed to one of my favorite grocery stores for lunch.

Lentil Salad poured on top of my veggie salad (with cranberries and sunflower seeds in it.) Heavenly!
The KIND bar was Strawberry and Peanut Butter and I wasn't sure about it when I bought it. I wasn't sure about it after I ate it a couple hours later either. Odd combo.

 I had orchestra rehearsal after work, so I headed home and made a quick dinner of jambalaya spiced rice with black beans and spinach. That will be my dinner for a few nights, so don't expect any more pictures of that yummy boringness! I'm a creature of habit!

After dinner I had rehearsal then headed home and immediately put on my running shoes! I got my two miles in, baby! It felt good because the sun was not out and there was a nice breeze out! I was still drenched in sweat after, but I was happy! I'll leave you tonight with a shameless selfie because I felt pretty today!

P.S. I lost THREE pounds. 187 lbs of pure determination!


Mandy - the Running Herbivore


  1. You are so presh! Thanks for the shoutout, but lets not forget who inspired who first! You were long before into being active and healthy while I was still eating McDonald's dollar menu for every meal :)

    Can we eat at Fern every single day?

    <3 you

    1. When we win the lotto or Hannahbug gets famous then yes we will eat Fern or some variety of that restaurant for every meal!

  2. I'm so glad you got to try Fern! It's one of my favs :)

    1. Im no foodie, so I dont try alot of new restaurants, but this one was eye opening for me! Definitely making me want to explore our wonderful city!