Monday, July 8, 2013

I Like it Cheap and Easy..

My food that is.

Ever since I started getting healthy years ago, I realized that I needed a simple meal plan to keep me on track. When I start trying to get fancy that's when I'm like "screw it, I'm going to McDonald's." Okay, maybe not McDonald's because I haven't been a fan of them for years and years, but some other faster, quicker option where I'd probably over indulge.

I like to have the same breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the week. Some people might think this is crazy, but it makes it easier on me.

I also like to keep the ingredients simple. When a recipe starts getting past the 10-15 ingredient list, I lose interest. That's just too much work and too complicated for me. (If someone else was making it, heck yea I'd eat some fancy food!)

I'm also poor so I have to try to keep the ingredients all simple and cheap for my budget. You'll hear plenty about me being poor because I am. Oh well, us lower class income ladies gotta keep it healthy too! (Anyone know of any single, hot, rich men????)

So here is my meal plan for the week:

Breakfast- Chocolate PB Banana Smoothie (typical I know)

Food Prep- freezing bananas

Snack- handful of mixed nuts

Lunch- My Vegan "Chipotle Bowl" (Mixed greens, brown rice, beans, avocado and salsa) (on a plate??)

I cooked all the brown rice for the week.

Dinner- Alternating Veggie and "Chicken" Burgers, roasted veggies, and sweet potato fries

Takes me about 15 minutes to make this. So. Freaking. Good.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about my running and running problems. I have many. Maybe there are people in blogland that can understand or give some advice! Anyway that's all I got for tonight!


Mandy - the Running Herbivore


  1. Three things:

    1. That is literally a handful of nuts. Thank goodness I have bigger hands than you.

    2. Do you stick a whole frozen banana in your blender?!? Hahahaha. Mine would break.

    3. What brand chicken/veggie patties do you use?

  2. I love your way of thinking. I can't handle the 1000 ingredient list either. Less is better and probably healthier anyway. I always buy a bunch of bananas and wait until they get spotty and then slice them up and put them in the freezer like you do. It always helps to prepare!