Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Catching Y'all Up..

So I haven't blogged in like a week. Ugh, bad blogger!

So i'm gonna give you a bunch of random updates!

1. I have been eating all vegetarian, mostly vegan, and a tiny bad. Had some ice cream and pizza (cheese), but both separately made my stomach hurt afterward. Karma. Here are some good eats though:

 Earthfare Lunch. OMG. Roasted Brussell Sprouts make my life better.

 Free Breakfast at hotel this morning. Potatoes and fruit. Random.

The most Orgasmic Salad ever. Just look at it. Yum.

2. Workouts have been baller. Haven't missed a beat. Saturday run was three miles, farthest yet, and it was not too bad at all. Couple walk breaks, but I kept them very short!

Sweating mid elliptical.

3. I need to stop drinking. Made me completely unproductive on Sunday. Blah.

4. I'm staying at a hotel out of town for work this week. Eating for free and still trying to eat well is a balancing act, but I'm doing good!

5. I think I weigh less this week, but I don't have my scale so its whatever. I will have the number next Monday.

6. How cute is this kitteh??!

7. Okay I'm gonna show you some comparison pics now! I don't see a huge difference, but I'm pushing!

Week 1 thru 3

That's all for now!


Mandy- the running herbivore!

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  1. ahh i just wrote a comment and then it deleted itself because evidently i don't know how to computer. (i was tyring to get my commitness to fitnes ID to show up, but its just sticking with charlotte sooo computer 1 charlotte 0) oh but i remember i was saying that fruit and potato plate is exactly the type of random i always end up with too at breakfast buffets, and you look gorgeous!!