Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wonderful Weekend and Starting Stats

Sorry I went MIA for a little bit, but I am happy to report I am still on the vegetarian train. I wasn't completely vegan, had a little cheese and a little creamer BUT THAT'S IT! For a weekend away in Myrtle Beach, with little to no veg options, I am super proud of that!

Speaking of my weekend, I got to spend it with one of my best friends, Sarah, who I have not seen in way too long. She is a pescatarian, so at least that made it a little easier not to eat meat because she rarely does either. I am very disappointed in Myrtle Beach, however. No health food stores, no vegetarian restaurants. Sad face!

I loved being on the beach, though. I am a beachy, summery girl all the way! I loved it so much that I actually did not take any pictures at all the whole weekend. That is a lie, I will show you the two pictures I took.

The kitty my friend Sarah's mom took in. He is absolutely precious. His name is Mason and I love him!

We went to the Hot Fish Club on Saturday night and Clemson's Quarterback, Tahj Boyd was in the house. I gave him a hard time and then asked for his autograph for my friend Jon who loves him. I, however, am a Gamecocks girl all the way, but still this guy was super nice. Hope he goes far in football. (He's the blurry one in the orange polo.)

So back to the real world, I've been good on my training plan and stuck to everything thus far. Saturday and Sunday were walk days because I was in MB so I knew I wouldn't work out.

Monday was a mile and a half run. I waited until after work, which was scorching hot! Bad decision. I finished strong though and made it to rehearsal for the orchestra I play in. Still sweating with humidity hair as my bestie pointed out!

Today I went to the gym after work, ran a quick mile on the treadmill and then hit the free weights and did some squats and deadlifts until my legs felt like jello. Stretched a bit and felt amazing!

Post workout sweattyyy!

Now to get to my starting weight and pics.

Starting Weight: 190 lbs of pure determination
Starting Pics:
 Front View
Side View

Is it bad that I still think I'm hot even with plenty of weight to lose?!?! Well either way I don't care, I'm one hot lady!! Just wait until the end of October when I'm done with this half marathon. The.World.Is.Not.Ready! ;)

I plan on doing my weekly weigh-ins on Monday mornings. Although, weight loss isn't the main goal. I just want to see what will happen with a change of lifestyle!

That's all for today!



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