Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Very First "What I Ate Wednesday"

Since I blog at night I will give you what I actually eat on Wednesday!

My day started with the exact same smoothie as every day, Chocolate PB Banana Smoothie! (Recycled Picture) So deeeelicious and refreshing!

Had a little of this Silk creamer for my cup o' joe this morning! Incredible!

Then a few little palm-fulls of this crazy, good mix for a snack! (not gluten free, oops)

And then I fulfilled a craving that I haven't had in a while and just reading the back of it made me feel like I was poisoning myself! GAH! No mas!!!

For lunch I splurged (pricey) and got an Amy's Frozen Meal, Tamale Verde!

The verdict is that it was SO delicious, I enjoyed every last bite, better than any frozen meal I've ever had! Plus a plate of cucumbers from one of our customer's gardens with a little salt and pepper! YUM!

Then I demolished the rest of that cute little bag of cajun mix. #badsnacker

I went to the gym to get my crosstraining on. 35 minutes on the elliptical, upper body strength circuit, and lots of stretching!

 Creeper Smile. Post Workout Pose.

So speaking of working out, I did my leg strength training yesterday. My right leg is significantly more sore than my left leg. What the heck weird body?! Oh cool, I'm gonna look like this...

Anyway so after the gym I went to my parents' house and decided to dissect the pantry to find something to eat. That's vegan. Hahahhahah funny joke! So I made the best of what I could find and my random dinner was a small can of tomato sauce, 1/2 cup of black beans, and a small can of mushrooms plus seasonings. Yes, I'm a freak. But yes, I enjoyed the heck out of it!

And a peach and coffee for dessert!

 So juiceeey.

Yes, that's a Christmas Mug. And it makes me Smile!

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to wake up early to get my mile and half run in before work, so its not so hot. I have the worst trouble waking up in the morning to work out, though. I feel like everyone is like "WEEEEEE its morning, I work out, its the best!" and i'm all "i hate you morning, no i'm not working out right now, is this a joke, this has to be a joke, SNOOZE."

Its like if its not something I HAVE to do then I can't get up in the morning for it. If I don't make it to work then I'll be fired. I can wake up for that. I know I could try and trick my brain in to thinking it something I have to do, but my brain is a smartass and knows when i'm trying to trick it. It mocks me.

So i'll probably be running after work tomorrow.




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  2. ha your brain is too smart for your tricks, that's so true :) I always tell myself i need better reasons than excuses

    1. There are so many reasons why working out in the AM is better. My morning brain just isn't having it! Haha im gonna keep on trying though! I almost melted today after work!